HR Excellence in Science
Date: 22.05.2020

There can be no life without soil

Soil underlays all life on land - healthy soil is essential

This exhibition provides a glimpse into te fascinating world of soil and will help you inderstand the importance of soil for life on Earth. Soil is the foundation of our civilization and of all life on land. Besides food production, soil is important in the landscape as it absorbs, collects and purifies water, decomposes organic matter or harmful chemicals, and helps to create a healthy environment.

Conceived by: Miloslav Šimek

Authors: Milostav Šimek, Martin Bartuška, Miloslav Devetter, Jan Frouz, Radka Hauerová, Václav Krištůfek, Alena Lukešová, Tomáš Pice, Karel Tajovský, Zuzana Urbanová

Linguistic support: Keith Edwards, Jiří Šimek

Graphic design: Tomáš Halama

The exhibition is supported by funds from the Strategy AV21: Landscape protection and restoration project.




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