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Date: 28.08.2019

Magical wildlife of Borneo experienced by actress Judi Dench, Bond's M

Explore the lush rainforests, magical wildlife and spectacular coastlines of Malaysian Borneo, where our researchers also work. The British documentary JUDI DENCH'S: 2019 Wild Borneo Adventure, featuring actress Judi Dench, well known internationally as "M" in the recent James Bond movies, will take you there. In Borneo you can observe the wildlife of orangutans, crocodiles, bats and even unique ants, which are presented in the film by Tom Fayle from the Biology Centre CAS.

"In Borneo, the main threat to the highly diverse tropical rain forest is logging, and conversion to oil palm plantation. In this region, my research group's current work focuses on the ways that the networks of interactions between species are altered by human activities. This is important, because interactions between species can drive services that ecosystems provide for humans, such as maintenance of soil quality, forest regeneration ability, pollination, etc.," says tropical biologist Tom Fayle.

In the documentary (time 28:00 to 33:13) Tom Fayle shows ant species with an unique defense strategy: "This species of ant has the scientific name Pseudoneoponera tridentata, but we call it the Spiderman ant, because when attacked by enemies it can squirt defensive foamy liquid. It lives in the rain forest canopy, nesting in bird's nest ferns and other epiphytes."




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