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Date: 22.07.2020

Endangered common tern seabird nesting in South Bohemia

The common tern endangered bird has nested on the Lipno artificial lake, being attracted by experimental floating islands that scientists placed on the reservoir in 2017 to increase the species diversity there. Hydrobiologists, from the centre, uncovered the seabirds during their regular check of the islands. They found four nests with six baby birds of the common tern that is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.

This has been the highest place where the bird is probably nesting in the Czech Republic and may create a base for its colony, Milan Muska, from the Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences, noted.
The common tern is a bird of passage feeding on fish, related to gulls. It choses small bare islands on ponds or water reservoirs or on gravel sediments in riverbeds. However, such localities have almost disappeared in the Czech Republic, so mere several hundred couples of these birds are annually nesting in the country.

Experimental floating wetlands, Lipno artificial lake.


Baby bird of the common tern.




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