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Date: 08.03.2021

International evaluation started at the Biology Centre

The Czech Academy of Sciences is currently going through the process of Evaluation of the research and professional activities for the period 2015–2019. As today, on Monday, March 8, the second phase of evaluation began at the Biology Centre, the leaders of 17 research teams present the results to the international commissions consisted of leading experts in the field. Due to the pandemic situation, this evaluation phase takes place exclusively on-line by video conferencing. The evaluation will run until March 21, then the results and recommendations by the commissions will be shown in final reports.

Academic evaluation has two main goals: to increase the quality of scientific and professional activities of academic institutes, and to obtain objective information on the position of academic institutes in the national, European and global context.

In the first phase of the evaluation, which took place last year, selected scientific outputs for the period 2015–2019 were evaluated by international panels of remote evaluators. A 5-point scale was used for evaluation, with (1) representing world-leading results to (5) representing low quality of scientific results that fall below the standard of scientific work.

Seventeen teams of the Biology Centre submitted altogether a total of 401 top scientific outputs for the evaluation. Almost a fifth (19%) of these results received the highest mark (world-leading), 44% of the results received the mark (2) - internationally excellent and 34% of the results were rated (3) - quality that is recognized internationally.

The Biology Centre is evaluated by four commissions in the fields of Biological Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences and Earth and related sciences.


The Biology Centre is one of the most efficient research organizations in the Czech Republic

The academic evaluation continues after the evaluation of research institutes in the Czech Republic conducted by the Czech government authority (so-called M17+ evaluation ). This evaluation proved that the Biology Centre is one of the most efficient research organizations in the Czech Republic:

• With a degree of "excellent", the Biology Centre is one of the 20 best rated research organizations in the segment of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

• The Biology Centre is one of the most important institutions in the Czech Republic in the Biological Sciences; it is on the 4th place within all Czech research organizations and on the 1st place within the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

• Depending on the quality of production, the Biology Centre is also one of the ten most important institutions in the fields of Other natural sciences, Basic Medicine and Health sciences.




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