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Hanzelová V., Scholz T., Gerdeaux D., Kuchta R. (2002) A comparative study of Eubothrium salvelini and E. crassum (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea) parasites of Arctic charr and brown trout in alpine lakes. Environmental Biology of Fishes 64: 245-256.
DOI: 10.1023/A:1016014505671
Scholz T., Kuchta R., Salgado-Maldonado G. (2002) Cestodes of the family Dilepididae (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea) from fish-eating birds in Mexico: a survey of species. Systematic Parasitology 52: 171-182.
DOI: 10.1023/A:1015700801579
Scholz T., Steele E., Beckham M., Bray R. (2002) Larval tapeworms (Cestoda: Dilepididae) from the mummichog Fundulus heteroclitus (Linnaeus, 1766) and striped killifish Fundulus majalis (Walbaum, 1792) from South Carolina, U.S.A. Comparative Parasitology 69: 104-108.
Aguirre-Macedo M., Scholz T., González-Solís D., Vidal-Martínez V., Posel P., Arjona-Torres G., Dumailo S., Siu-Estrada E. (2001) Some adult endohelminths parasitizing freshwater fishes from the Atlantic drainages of Nicaragua. Comparative Parasitology 68: 190-195.
Aguirre-Macedo M., Scholz T., González-Solís D., Vidal-Martínez V., Posel P., Arjona-Torres G., Siu-Estrada E., Dumailo S. (2001) Larval helminths parasitizing freshwater fishes from the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Comparative Parasitology 68: 42-51.
Bruňanská M., Nebesářová J., Scholz T., Fagerholm H. (2001) Spermiogenesis in the pseudophyllid cestode Eubothrium crassum (Bloch, 1779). Parasitology Research 87: 579-588.
DOI: 10.1007/s004360100392
Caneda-Guzmán I., de Chambrier A., Scholz T. (2001) Thaumasioscolex didelphidis n. gen., n. sp. (Eucestoda: Proteocephalidae) from the black-eared opossum Didelphis marsupialis from Mexico, the first proteocephalidean tapeworm from a mammal. Journal of Parasitology 87: 639-646.
Healy C., Scholz T., Caira J. (2001) Erudituncus n. g. (Tetraphyllidea: Onchobothriidae) with a redescription of E. musteli (Yamaguti, 1952) n. comb. and comments on its hook homologies. Journal of Parasitology 87: 833-837.
King S., Scholz T. (2001) Trematodes of the family Opisthorchiidae: a minireview. Korean Journal of Parasitology 39: 209-221.
Král’ová I., Hanzelová V., Scholz T., Gerdeaux D., Špakulová M. (2001) A comparison of the internal transcribed spacer of the ribosomal DNA in Eubothrium crassum and E. salvelini (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea), parasites of salmonid fish. International Journal for Parasitology 31: 93-96.
DOI: 10.1016/S0020-7519(00)00147-8
Scholz T. (2001) Identity of Cysticercoides menidiae Chandler, 1935 (Cestoda: Dilepididae). Journal of Parasitology 87: 927-928.
Scholz T. (2001) Taxonomy of helminths after the year 2000. Helminthologia 38: 155-163.
Scholz T., Aguirre-Macedo M., Salgado-Maldonado G. (2001) Trematodes of the family Heterophyidae (Digenea) in Mexico: a review of species and new host and geographical records. Journal of Natural History 35: 1733-1772.
DOI: 10.1080/00222930152667087
Scholz T., Bray R. (2001) Probothriocephalus alaini n. sp. (Cestoda: Triaenophoridae) from the deep-sea fish Xenodermichthys copei in the North Atlantic Ocean. Systematic Parasitology 50: 231-235.
DOI: 10.1023/A:1012214932377
Scholz T., de Chambrier A., Salgado-Maldonado G. (2001) Monticellia ophisterni n. sp. (Cestoda: Monticelliidae) from the swamp-eel Ophisternon aenigmaticum (Synbranchiformes) from Mexico. Journal of Parasitology 87: 1328-1333.
Scholz T., Salgado-Maldonado G. (2001) Metacestodes of the family Dilepididae (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea) parasitising fishes in Mexico. Systematic Parasitology 49: 23-40.
DOI: 10.1023/A:1010603732525
Scholz T., Shimazu T., Olson P., Nagasawa K. (2001) Caryophyllidean tapeworms (Platyhelminthes: Eucestoda) from freshwater fishes in Japan. Folia Parasitologica 48: 275-288.
Škeříková A., Hypša V., Scholz T. (2001) Phylogenetic analysis of European species of Proteocephalus (Cestoda: Proteocephalidea): compatibility of molecular and morphological data, and parasite-host coevolution. International Journal for Parasitology 31: 1121-1128.
DOI: 10.1016/S0020-7519(01)00226-0
Vidal-Martínez V., Scholz T., Aguirre-Macedo M. (2001) Dactylogyridae of cichlid fishes from Nicaragua, Central America, with descriptions of Gussevia herotilapiae sp. n. and three new species of Sciadicleithrum (Monogenea: Ancyrocephalinae). Comparative Parasitology 68: 76-86.
Kodedová I., Doležel D., Broučková M., Jirků M., Hypša V., Lukeš J., Scholz T. (2000) On the phylogenetic positions of the Caryophyllidea, Pseudophyllidea and Proteocephalidea (Eucestoda) inferred from 18S rRNA. International Journal for Parasitology 30: 1109-1113.
DOI: 10.1016/S0020-7519(00)00090-4

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