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The Final Report must be submitted no later than 14 business days after the return of the applicant from an international conference or a foreign stay and no later than December, 15 of the calendar year more precisely.  The Final Report will be submitted in the prescribed form (available on web pages of BC GP). All changes made during the project will be described and justified in the Final report.

Final Report (including all attachments) will be submitted to the Administrator of BC Grant Programme (Mgr. Daša Bastlová, Ph.D.).

Submitt all bookkeeping documents  together with all necessary forms (see list bellow) concerning financial clearance of granted budget  to the Financial Accountant of the BC GP and IBERA project Mrs. Kateřina Vokůrková or Daša Bastlová. Please note that the invoice connected to your trip to conference/stay can only be included in the final clearance of the trip if it has not already been paid for from other financial source, it must no longer be recorded in BC's accounts (ie paid from another grant or other financial source).  

Documents necessary for the final budget clearance of a foreign stay or conference (besides the Final report):

  1. „Request for a foreign trip“ form
  2. Foreign travel expenses form
  3.  “Foreign travel expenses form att1_per diem    
  4.  “Foreign travel expenses form att2_extra expenses." This form is needed only in case of requesting the reimbursement of other expenses in respect of your stay/conference (e.g. local tickets)
  5. All bookkeeping documents concerning trip budget (including bus/train tickets, boarding passes, etc). Besides all above mentioned documents, bring also: 
  • Original invoice for airline ticket, including trip itinerary and boarding passes. Together with an invoice, it is necessary to submit the results of the passive price survey/inquiry of three different airlines.
  • Original invoice for accommodation. In cases, when the price of accommodation exceeds 100 EUR/night/person, a passive price survey/inquiry for accommodation is required.
  1. In case of applicant's participation on conference, the Appendix of the Final Report also include a printed Conference Programme (also the Schedule-at-a-glance is sufficient if the Program is too extensive).





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