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Strategy AV21

Top research in the public interest

"Top research in the public interest” is the motto of the new strategy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, which presents itself more strongly as an institution whose primary mission is high quality research focused on the problems and challenges faced by contemporary society. The Strategy AV21 is based on a set of coordinated Research Programmes utilizing interdisciplinary and
inter-institutional synergies in order to identify the problems and challenges of our time and to harmonize the efforts of research institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences towards their solutions. From the beginning the Research Programmes of the
Czech Academy of Sciences have been open to partners from universities, business sector, and institutions of national and regional governments as well as to foreign research groups and organizations.


20 RESEARCH PROGRAMMES of the Strategy AV21

1. Hopes and Risks of the Digital Era 2. Systems for Nuclear Power Industry
3. Efficient Energy Conversion and Storage 5. New Materials Based on Metals, Ceramics and Composites
6. Diagnostic Methods and Techniques 7. Wellbeing in Health and Disease
10. Molecules and Materials for Life 11. Europe and the State: Between Barbarism and Civilisation
12. Memory in the Digital Age 15. Global Conflicts and Local Interactions: Cultural and Societal Challenges
16. Space for the Mankind 17. Light at the Service of Society
18. Preclinical Testing of Potential Pharmaceuticals 19. Foods for the Future
20. Water for life 21. Land save and recovery
22. Society in motion and public policy 23. City as a Laboratory of Change - Safe Construction
24. Resilient society 25. Virology and antiviral therapy










The Biological Center coordinates the research program LAND SAVE AND RECOVERY and VIROLOGY AND ANTIVIRAL THERAPY and participates in other programmes.
Until 2019, the Biological Center was the coordinator of the programme DIVERSITY OF LIFE AND HEALTH OF ECOSYSTEMS
Biology Centre is involved in Research Programmes
Biology Centre is the coordinator of the Programme


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+420 778 468 552 (for media)

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