HR Excellence in Science
Date: 20.10.2013

The Mayflies of Europe (Ephemeroptera)

 The last comprehensive world-wide monograph concerning European Ephemeroptera had been published by more than 120 years ago (Eaton 1883–1889) and no such work had ever been written. Therefore the aim of this book is to provide a tool that addresses some of the most urgent needs in European mayfly research. Altogether 369 nominal species (179 described within the past 40 years) of 49 genera and 19 families are delt with in detail and a short additional information is provided for all species recorded from the Western Palearctic (Europe west of the Ural Mts., the Mediterranean islands and the Maghreb area in North Africa). In general introduction, all structural terms in the text have been explained and figured. Included are morphological adaptations of different stages, autecological aspects and principal taxocenes as well as brief summaries of population characterics, faunistic origin of taxa, distribution, fossil history and higher classification. Species accounts (larvae, subimago, male and female imagines) follow a common format providing an annotated synonymy (available names, both valid and invalid, verified original spelling and correct publication dates), characters for identification, classification and past taxonomic acts, information on biology and distribution, and remarks on type material and confusing species. Recent changes in nomenclature are discussed in detail as well as gaps in current knowledge and probable pitfalls concerning the reliable identification of all taxa treated. Male genitalia are illustrated by micrographs and line drawings, SEM photographs of the egg chorionic structure provided for genera and selected species, and taxa recognizable in the field illustrated by colour photographs. A comprehensive index and well over 2,500 references allow for quick information on all mayfly species treated.




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