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Date: 11.09.2019

Laboratory of electron Microscopy

The Laboratory of electron Microscopy (LEM) is an open-access facility for electron microscopy allowing visualization of a broad spectrum of biological samples at the highest magnification at room or cryo-temperatures.

At present, the Laboratory is equipped with two transmission electron microscopes allowing both routine and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, electron tomography and cryo-electron microscopy, and with two scanning electron microscopes enabling to observe samples at room or cryo temperature and to create 3D reconstruction using the SBF method. Also, LEM has at disposal all the instruments needed to prepare biological samples including high-pressure freezing devices, automated plunge freezing instrument, freeze-substitution units, ultramicrotomes for cutting of ultrathin sections at room and cryo temperatures, etc.

The team of LEM works closely with users to plan, optimize and implement experiments, producing images that allow scientists to study their samples at the subcellular level. Members of LEM have a long experience in preparing, imaging and picture interpreting a wide range of biological samples. They use both traditional and novel preparation techniques for optimum preservation of sample ultrastructure and morphology and localization of molecules of interest.

Since 2016, LEM has been involved in a distributed national research infrastructure Czech-BioImaging (, that provides open access to a wide range of imaging technologies and expertise to all scientists in the Czech Republic.

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