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Date: 14.01.2021

Genetic tool development in marine protists: Emerging model organisms for experimental cell biology

Our consortium of 53 laboratories aimed to develop genetic tools in a range of marine protists. As a result, we can now genetically manipulate 22 species, which provide a springboard for functional studies of the myriad of unique and unstudied genes they carry in their genomes. The collaborative effort has been summarized in a ‘Transformation Roadmap’. Collectively the outcomes of this research enable scientists to delve into the secrets of the omnipresent planktonic protists, many of which can be considered the ‘plants of the ocean’ and underpin oceanic food webs and life on Earth.

Phylogenetic relationships and transformation status of marine protists.

A schematic view of the eukaryotic tree of life with effigies of main representatives. Color-coordinated species we have attempted to genetically modify are listed below. Current transformability status is schematized in circles indicating: DNA delivered and shown to be expressed (yellow); DNA delivered, but no expression seen (gray) and no successful transformation achieved despite efforts (blue). The details of transformation of species are described in the main text of the publication. 




Faktorová D., Nisbet R.E.R., Fernandéz Robledo J.A., Casacuberta E., Sudek L., Allen A.E., Ares M. Jr., Aresté C., Balestreri C., Barbrook A.C., Beardslee P., Bender S., Booth D.S., Bouget F.-Y., Bowler C., Breglia S.A., Brownlee C., Burger G., Cerutti H., Cesaroni R., Chiurillo M.A., Clemente T., Coles D.B., Collier J.L., Cooney E.C., Coyne K., Docampo R., Dupont C.L., Edgcomb V., Einarsson E., Elustondo P.A., Federici F., Freire-Beneitez V., Freuria N.J., Fukuda K., García P.A., Girguis P.R., Gomaa F., Gornik S.G., Guo J., Hampl V., Hanawa Y., Haro-Contreras E.R., Hehenberger E., Highfield A., Hirakawa Y., Hopes A., Howe C.J., Hu I., Ibañez J., Irwin N.A.T., Ishii Y., Janowicz N.E., Jones A.C., Kachale A., Fujimura-Kamada K., Kaur B., Kaye J.Z., Kazana E., Keeling P.J., King N., Klobutcher L.A., Lander N., Lassadi I., Li Z., Lin S., Lozano J.-C., Luan F., Maruyama S., Matute T., Miceli C., Minagawa J., Moosburner M., Najle S.R., Nanjappa M., Nimmo I.C., Noble L., Novák Vanclová A.M.G., Nowacki M., Nuñez I., Pain A., Piersanti A., Pucciarelli S., Pyrih J., Rest J.S., Rius M., Robertson D., Ruaud A., Ruiz-Trillo I., Sigg M.A., Silver P.A., Slamovits C.H., Smith G.J., Sprecher B.N., Stern R., Swart E., Tsaousis A., Tsypin L., Turkewitz A., Turnšek J., Valach M., Vergé V., von Dassow P., von der Haar T., Waller R.F., Wang L., Wen X., Wheeler G., Woods A., Zhang H., Mock T., Worden A.Z. & Lukeš J. 2020. Genetic tool development in marine protists: Emerging model organisms for experimental cell biology. Nature Methods 17: 481–494. [IF=30.822]

DOI: 10.1038/s41592-020-0796-x



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