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Date: 17.06.2013

Polyphasic Characterisation and Taxonomic Revision of Planktonic Cyanobacteria Anabaena spp. (Nostocaceae)

Morphological diversity of planctonic Anabaena populations (Nostocaceae, cyanobacteria) was studied in fishponds and reservoirs of the Czech Republic in 2004-2009. Clonal strains of various morphospecies were isolated and maintained under constant culture conditions. The plasticity of morphological features used for single morphospecies identification was studied in eight selected strains under varied experimental conditions (temperature, light intensity, nitrogen, phosphorus). Phosphorus concentration was the main driving factor of morphological variability. Morphologies of the Anabaena strains studied were compared with the field morphologies of 61 Anabaena populations observed in the Czech Republic. The range of morphological variability of single strains in laboratory spanned the total variability of the populations of relevant morphospecies or morphospecies complex observed in the field. Delimitations and proper descriptions of single Anabaena morphospecies were discussed in the light of partial 16S rRNA gene sequences of the studied strains. A new generic entity Sphaerospermum was defined for morphospecies with spherical akinetes adjacent to heterocytes that also displayed 16S rRNA gene sequence markedly different from other planktonic Anabaena morphospecies (approx. 92% sequence similarity). The type species of this genus is S. reniforme and the genus also comprises species S. aphanizomenoides and S. kisselevianum.

Zapomělová, E., Řeháková, K., Znachor, P., Komárková, J. (2007):

Morphological diversity of coiled planktonic types of the genus Anabaena (cyanobacteria) in natural populations – taxonomic consequences.

Cryptogamie/Algologie 28: 353-371

Zapomělová, E., Hisem, D., Řeháková, K., Hrouzek, P., Jezberová, J., Komárková, J., Korelusová, J., Znachor, P. (2008):

Experimental comparison of phenotypical plasticity and growth demands of two strains from the Anabaena circinalis/A. crassa complex (cyanobacteria).

Journal of Plankton Research 30: 1257-1269

Zapomělová, E., Hrouzek, P., Řeháková, K., Šabacká, M., Stibal, M., Caisová, L., Komárková, J., Lukešová, A. (2008):

Morphological variability in selected heterocytous cyanobacterial strains as a response to varied temperature, light intensity and medium composition.

Folia Microbiologica 53: 333-341

Zapomělová, E., Jezberová, J., Hrouzek, P., Hisem, D., Řeháková, K., Komárková, J. (2009):

Polyphasic characterization of three strains of Anabaena reniformis and Aphanizomenon aphanizomenoides (cyanobacteria) and their re-classification to Sphaerospermum gen. nov. (incl. Anabaena kisseleviana).

Journal of Phycology 45 (in press) (DOI: 10.1111/j.1529-8817.2009.00758.x).




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