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Date: 03.06.2024

BC Outreach Facility

Popularize science at the Outreach facility of the Biology Centre CAS! Make use of the Mobile Laboratory of the Biology Centre in a stylish Airstream caravan for traveling to your audience, or welcome visitors at the Submarine Educational Centre located in the Biology Centre campus.

BC Mobile laboratory

We turned a stylish airstream caravan from 1974 into a showroom on wheels and equipped it with laboratory tools. Five stereo microscopes, four microscopes, three monitors, a projection screen, sound technology and other popularization aids are available for your programs. The program in the laboratory can be designed as a walk-through exhibition or a space for a lecture or workshop. We regularly visit schools, participate in festivals, fairs and exhibitions since 2018. We have extensive experiences in organizing educational programs and we will be happy to help you with their realization.


Visitor Centre Submarine

The Visitor Centre Submarine is located in the central part of the THS building and is an ideal place for interactive programs, workshops and presentations. There is a space for films projection, a space for educational activities, a changing room and hygienic facilities. We are gradually equipping the Submarine with educational aids according to ongoing programs. The capacity of the visitor centre is a maximum of one school class (max 25 people).


How to get involved?

Contact us: Send us an e-mail or call us and let us know your interest in cooperation.

Share your ideas: Suggest topics and program formats you would like to implement.

Cooperate with us: We will prepare all the necessary support and background for your activities.


If you are interested, please contact the Education Coordinator:

Markéta Kubátová, tel.: 608 704 441, e-mail:


Conference kit

For conferences and popularization events you can borrow:

  • Presentation boards: 10 aluminium triboards (three-sided stand) with snap-frames, 10 jute boards (incl. trolley)
  • 2 10 l water containers
  • 2 pop-up tents

If you are interested, please contact:

Daniela Procházková, tel. 778 468 552, e-mail:



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+420 778 468 552 (for media)

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