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Banking & Bank Account

For general information about banking including list of banks able to provide you with a current account in the CR, visit Banking on

Personal current account opening:

Non-Czech nationals must visit the bank office in person to apply for a personal current account opening. All the banks are usually open to communicate in English, although they do not guarantee, that there will be English speaking clerk available at the office, unless you arrange an appointment in advance, and not every bank provides personal appointments.

What to prepare before visiting the bank office:

  • Firstly, the bank will definitely require you to put forward at least one valid identity card with your photo, ideal your passport. Then they usually need to see another additional ID card with your photo (e.g. driving license or national pass) and/or a document confirming the legality of your stay in the CR (residence permit, employment contract, certificate of study etc.). Hence to be sure you will not go to the bank office in vain, better always bring two identity cards with photo and one document justifying your stay here. In some banks, the clerk may request other individual documents.
  • The second thing you need to have is valid Czech mobile phone number. Usually the bank prefers you to give them also your contact e-mail which does not need to be Czech.

If you submit all the required documents, the following banks should be able to affirm your request immediately and you will leave the bank office with newly opened bank account: Equa bank (this bank also requires only one ID card), Komerční bankaMoneta Money BankRaiffeisenbankUniCredit Bank. But bear in mind that in some cases even those banks claiming that they open the current bank account immediately have the right to take certain period to verify the submitted documents. They are also not obligated to grant your request eventually.

Banks which will certainly take some time to verify and evaluate your request are Air Bank (maximum of two working days), Česká spořitelna (depends on the respective office), ČSOB (depends on the respective office), Fio banka (minimum of five working days), Sberbank (several working days).

We recommend Equa bank. There is always English speaking clerk at the branch and their Online and Mobile banking is also available in English. 

TIP: Raiffeisenbank has a special offer for BC employees.

Phone Number & Internet

Country dialling code for the Czech Republic is +420.

There are three main mobile operators running their own network – VodafoneTelefonica O2 and T-Mobile. Also several virtual mobile providers operate on Czech market, e.g. OpenCallSAZKAmobilGoMobilTesco Mobile etc.

For the internet connection you can use services of e.g. Starnetinet4 or LuckyNet.

TIP: The BC has an agreement with Vodafone which allows the employees to have favorable mobile tariffs for personal use. If interested in contract arrangement, you should first contact Head of Service Department of TAS. Then click on, enter your personal BC employment number and fill in the short form (only in Czech). A person from the company will then contact you for details. More at Intranet in section Phone service.

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