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Radio and TV

  • If your household is equipped with one or more functional radio and/or television broadcast receivers (TV, radio, autoradio etc.), you are obliged to pay a fee to the Czech Radio (Český rozhlas, "ČRo") and the Czech Television (Česká televize, "ČT"). You have to register in 15 days from the day this obligation arises and the obligation applies to tenants as well. It does not apply to foreigners without permanent residence permit or long-term stay permit. More info on (ČRo) and (ČT).

Dog Ownership

  • In the CR, as a dog owner, you are obliged to register your dog and pay a fee once a year to the city authority. For more, click on You also have to get your dog microchipped (if it has not been chipped already) and make sure the dog is periodically vaccinated. Inform yourself at the veterinary office, contact in section Medical Services.

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