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Tourist Guides & Event Calendars

Got free time and no idea where to head? Visit online guides and see some tips on various events in the city or on trips to the rich and beautiful nature surroundings:

Before you set out for a trip, it is good to plan your route. Try the most used Czech portal (is in English and has also a mobile app with offline maps). Also, get familiar with the Czech emergency contacts (visit section Important contacts) in advance.

Tip: visit Český Krumlov, chateau Hluboká or hike a hill called Kleť 



Shopping Centres

Beside shops with essential goods (food, hygiene items etc.), the shopping centres usually also offer shops with clothes, electronics, jewellery, sport equipment etc. Gastro-zone and fun-zone of some sort are included as well. There are often various services (operators, banks, beauty salons, pet centres, …) located at the centre’s premises.

Cinema and Theatre

Larger cinemas with more screening rooms typically screen several movies at the same time, so you can simply come, pick a movie, buy a ticket and wait a while for the movie to start. Foreign movies are typically screened with original sound and Czech subtitles. Czech dubbed version is made mainly for movies for kids.

If you search for some live performance, try opera, ballet, comedy and others at South Bohemian Theatre (operates also famous outdoor Revolving Theatre in Český Krumlov).

Outdoor Events in the City

Many outdoor festivals and other events take place in the city regularly. They usually include art, music, markets, games etc. The most popular are e.g. Múzy na vodě, Vltava žijeMěsto lidem, lidé městuStředy před K2Budějovický majáles, Buskers Fest, all of them are in summer. In winter, the biggest event is the advent market at the main square with concerts and ice skating ring surrounding the fountain. 

For current calendar of events visit

There are also University of South Bohemia's events for its students (e.g. Univerzitní zavírák). Several events are held at the student's club Kampa as well which is located in the university campus next to the BC.


Tips on fitness studios & yoga lessons in CB:

Recommendations on other sport activities:

Leisure Activities for Kids

Discounts with ISIC

ISIC is the only globally recognized proof of student status for high schools, colleges and universities and selected one-year post-secondary fields of study. If you hold a valid ISIC card, you may use many benefits and discounts on various services, including leisure time activities, culture and music events etc. Visit to see what can you do with your card.

Do you have any useful tip, recommendation or experience, which you'd like to share to help others? Or any comment on information on this page? Let us know.



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