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Czech legal system is being brought into accord with the EU jurisdiction and the rights and duties of employees and employers are specified by the Labour Code ( Most organisations, including the BC, also have their own additional directives and regulations. However, these must not collide with the Labour Code.

As an employee in general, you are obliged to pay health and social security insurance and income tax, which are deducted from your wage by your employer. In case of the BC, the deductions are done by the TAS Personnel department (each organisational component has its designated payroll clerk). More at

Brochures with basic information on employment regulations and on labour and wage conditions are available to download here:



Being a Researcher

The Czech Republic has a high-quality science research and is internationally well recognised. All research activities abide by EU Ethical principles. The BC, as one of the CAS institutes, follows also the Code of Ethics for Researchers of the Czech Academy of Sciences ( More about research ethics in the Czech Republic at



Research Funding

The research activities can be financed from both public and private providers. Public sources include Czech funds, EU funding programmes and other international programmes. List of the largest programmes here:

The BC obtains most of its grants via Czech public providers’ calls – the Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR) and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR). At the BC, the TAS Project department provides BC’s researchers with comprehensive grant support, from the search for grant opportunities to consultations and administrative management of successful grants.

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