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Exhibition: Caddisflies - underwater architects

Exhibition: Caddisflies - underwater architects
Place: Gallery V Síti, Biology Centre CAS
Date: 23.09.2021 13:30 - 12.11.2021
Type: Exhibition

Caddisflies are strange creatures. Their juvenile forms live in various types of freshwater, whre they build intricate dwellings or weave underwater capture nets. While the larvae are often scavengers or predators, most adults no longer take food. Alone, they are an important food source for birds and fish. What leads us to study these remarkable creatures is an interest in adhesives and other natural substances, of which caddisflies produce a wide range. They use them to build their underwater architectural creations and to bond together materials as diverse as sand grains, pebbles, leaves, wood and snail shells. Join us for a glimpse into the mysterious world of caddisflies and expand your understanding of lin in our aquatic environment.




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