Date: 24.05.2018

We need more PET bottles

Thank you very much for collecting empty PET bottles. These bottles, which are otherwise civilization waste, have been considered to be the appropriate material for building floating wetlands, that can greatly enrich the structure of our reservoirs. The bottles you collected have made a significant contribution to the new floating islands on the Lipno reservoir near Černá v Pošumaví .

Since we need to try out other designs of construction, we ask you for more bottles that you will definitely drink in the next hot season.

Please collect bottles of 1 liter or more, washed, undamaged (do not compress the bottles), closed by lid and ideally without labels. Containers for plastic bottles are located at both receptions of the Biology Centre, both at Branišovská and Na Sádkách area.

The pilot experiment with floating wetlands took place in June this year at the Southbohemian reservoir of Lipno. Approximately 50 square meters of floating islands were installed near by the shore, they were covered with a natural substrate taken away from the shore (sand with peat) and then planted with wetland and water plants. As plants rooted and quickly germinated, the new ecosystem was colonized by other species of aquatic organisms, including microorganisms, benthos, fish and birds.

The research project "Floating green islands, promising alternative for improving the environmental potential and supporting the development of littoral communities on water reservoirs" is funded by the Technology agency of the Czech Republic. The project is designed for 5 years.





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