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Date: 17.12.2020

A new trademark „Proven in the tropics“ registered

In December 2020, a new trademark of the Biology Centre CAS was entered into the trademark register – PROVEN IN THE TROPICS. The trademark will be granted to technologies and products that will prove successful in the demanding conditions of Papua New Guinea, where a research center founded by prof. Vojtěch Novotný from Biology Centre CAS has been operating for more than 20 years. The products or technologies will be tested by scientists during their research expeditions not only in Papua but also in other tropical destinations.

 "Such products can be shoes, functional clothing or electronics which companies may want to be verified in extremely humid and hot conditions of the tropics," says Jaroslav Červinka from the Technology Transfer Office of the BC CAS. Similarly, in the Czech Republic, there are already trademarks that verify products in the Antarctic or in the desert. "The trademark ´Proven in the tropics´ was registered at the beginning of December, now we will set criteria for evaluation and subsequent granting of the trademark," adds Jaroslav Červinka.




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