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Date: 12.05.2022

ETN COST Action Training School on Calculating Positions in Acoustic Telemetry

European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network COST Action (ETN, CA18102) organizes a training school on the topic of how to calculate positions of aquatic animals tracked by acoustic telemetry. The main topics will cover areas of various positioning systems, hierarchical generalized additive models, hidden Markov and step selection models, visualisation of models, and creation and animation of animal movement trajectories.

The event is aimed at younger researchers and students mainly. Following trainers will give lectures and training in their field of expertise – Eneko Aspillaga (Spain), Henrik Baktoft (Denmark), Roland Langrock and Johannes Signer (Germany), Robert Lennox (Norway), Eric Pedersen (Canada), and Ruben Bueno Rabaneda (Czech Republic). The event will be hybrid allowing for in-person attendance of almost 50 trainees with over 70 additional trainees attending virtually.

Working group WG4 Knowledge and Dissemination of the ETN COST Action is responsible for organizing trainings in telemetry. This WG is co-chaired by BC CAS researcher, Marie Prchalová, from the Institute of Hydrobiology, Department of Fish and Zooplankton Ecology, Fish Ecology Group.

Date: 18 - 20 May 2022

Venue: Biology Centre CAS, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Contact person: Marie Prchalová,





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