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Activities 2017

In 2017, the following activities will be implemented under the program Diversity of life and health of ecosystems - Strategy AV21:

1. Forests as part of landscape and a source of knowledge

2. Priorities of soil-biological research, the intersection of science and public interest

3. Preparation of the Concept of the national protection of the genetic diversity of wild organisms

4. The Health of the bees

5. Natural grazing: a tool to care for the landscape and biodiversity

6. The development, presentation and popularization of the biological collections of the institutes of the Academy of sciences

7. The Health of pollinators

8. Rozett – platform of  the Transfer Technology

9. The impact of the Convention on biological diversity for research sciences of the Czech republic, especially with regard to the Nagoya Protocol

10. The Role of fish pheromones in the timing and synchronization of the reproduction

11. Application of DNA barcoding to research the major pollinators

12. Lectures and field excursions for the public and schools

13. A unique breed of mice domestic and related species

14. Model trail "ROZE" for young naturalists


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