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Before you leave (instructions)

Before you start organizing your trip to the conference or foreign stay, here are additional practical information concerning payments, airtickets ordering and travel insurance. 

  1. One month before leaving, you will receive an e-mail form "Proposal of business trip". It is necessary to print it, fill it in, sign it and have it signed by your superiors (director of the institute) - yellow boxes. In case your stay/conference is co-financed, it is necessary to sign the green boxes also – those are signature of the persons responsible for the co-financing of your stay. The IBERA grant signature fields remain empty. You can either scan the signed form and send it to me by e-mail (, or deliver it to my office at 219c (2nd floor of THS), or to Ms. K. Vokůrková (1st floor of THS, room 132).

  2. If, for any reason, the date of your stay/conference has changed, please inform Mgr. Dasa Bastlova, Ph.D.

  3. Before you order an air ticket, it is necessary to do and document a price inquiry (i.e. to find the lowest price from at least 3 different airlines). The passive survey is sufficient (e.g. Print Screen from or other websites related to air tickets reservation). Please, keep in mind that for final report/clearance, we will require besides an invoice for airline ticket, also a trip itinerary and boarding pass/electronical airticket!

  4. For an accommodation for 100 EUR/night/person it is necessary to do a price inquiry (i.e. to find the lowest price from at least 3 different suppliers – e.g. 3 different hotels at the given location). The passive survey is sufficient (e.g. Print Screen from or other websites related to accommodation).

  5. Price survey does not concern the conference fee.

  6.  The easiest way, how to pay for accommodation, conference fee or air ticket is using an IBERA credit card. The payment has to be realized in the office of Manager for international cooperation, Mgr. Daša Bastlová, Ph.D. (Project department  of BC, 2nd floor, room 219c). You need to bring the results of price inquiry with you. Although I am usually in my office Mo-Thu 8 a.m. – 1 p.m., I recommend you to contact me before you are going to come. In case I am out of office and your payment has to be payed immediately, it is also possible to use a credit card of your institute, available usually in office of your institution secretary.

  7.  All payments has to be coupled with an Invoice. Each invoice must include: your name, the full and correct name of the institution, including the address (Biological Centre CAS, Branišovská 31, 370 05 České Budějovice, Czech Republic), Company Ident. No.: 60077344, VAT No.: CZ60077344 and if possible, IBERA project number CZ.02.2.69 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_028 / 0006247. As soon you will have An Invoice from the supplier or Pro-forma invoice, bring those documents to the IBERA financial manager, Mrs. Kateřina Vokůrková 

  8. It is also possible to cover all necessary costs connected to a foreign stay or an international conference of own resources. In this case,  the costs will be reimbursed in the standard way as Travel expenses after you return from the stay or conference. Please keep in mind that also in this case, it is necessary to bring all the relevant documents (An Order, An Invoice, the price inquiry) together with A Travel Order to Mrs. Vokůrková.

  9. All BC employees have travel insurance within the institution. Take the certificate of this insurance as well as the card for the assistance service with you on a foreign trip. Both to download below the text. For more information, read here. Before leaving for an international stay longer than 1 month, contact  Manager for international cooperation, Mgr. Daša Bastlová, Ph.D., one month before your stay.

  10. Instructions to Final report are summarized in the Grant rulesPlease, read the rules very carefully and pay attention especially to the sections “Changes during the running project” and “Final report”.  It is necessary to submitt your Final Report within 14 days after your return from the stay, conference. All documents and forms necessary for successful submision of  Final Report are available on web pages of Biology Centre, section Final Report. 


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