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Dr. Anne Daebeler

Position Head of Laboratory - Microbes CaN cycle
Microbial processes Section
Institute of Soil Biology and Biogeochemistry

Contact details +420 387 77 5164


Research interests

As a microbial ecologist I am interested in the ecological relations between microorganisms and their role in biogeochemical cycles. I want to find out more about the activities and functions of microbes and what their diversity and actions mean for ecosystems. I am particularly interested in microorganisms with activities that link to global change, such as nitrification with it's consequences for N2O emission and eutrophication and methane cycling. I like to combine field work with lab experiments and pair them with omics techniques and culturing.


Curriculum vitae

2021–now    Group leader at the Institute for Soil Biology and Biogeochemistry, Biology Centre CAS

2015–2016    Maternity leave

2013–2020    PostDoc at the Centre for Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, Division of

Microbial Ecology, University of Vienna, AU

2009–2013    Ph.D. student at the Department of Microbial Ecology, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Wageningen, NL

2009-2009    Research assistant at the Department of Biogeochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg, DE

2002-2009    Diplom studies in Biology with specialisation in ecology and microbiology, Technical University of Dresden, DE


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Current projects

Illuminating the interactions between nitrification and methane oxidation and the ensuing ecological impacts (2021-2025, PI)


Like fish out of water? Elucidating the ecophysiology of upland-soil methanogens through cultivation and omics methods (2022-2024, Team member)


Total found: 18 records
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