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Plunge Freezing - vitrification of thin layer of sample on the TEM grid using liquid ethane. (up to 100 nm)

HPF/High-Pressure Freezing - Sample vitrification using pressurized liquid nitrogen - 3 mm or 6 mm targets, max depth 200 µm; cell monolayer vitrification on the sapphire discs

AFS/Automatic Freeze Substitution equipped with a unit for the UV polymerization - Sample preparation (fixation, embedding, and polymerization) at very low temperatures.

Ultramicrotomes - preparation of semithin and ultrathin sections of samples embedded in the resin at room temperature, the possibility of preparation of serial sections and SBF-SEM pyramids, the possibility of the sample preparation in cryo-conditions (Tokuysu)

Carbon coating of the sample - Sample on the TEM grid, coating, shading, glow discharge

Sputter coating of the sample - Au, Pt, Pt/Pd

Plasma sample cleaning

CPD - Critical point drying of the SEM samples

Glass knife making using the balance breaking method



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