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Are you a foreign researcher and consider coming to work with us?

Biology Centre CAS belongs among well-recognised European research organisations working on quality projects focused on biology and ecology related topics. BC CAS is located in České Budějovice, beautiful historical middle-sized university city in the heart of Europe, offering perfect work-life balance. Researchers from abroad come in English speaking, stimulating & friendly international research environment (25 % of our researchers come from more than 30 different countries). BC CAS proudly holds an HR Award and can provide you with professional administration support.

The Czech Republic is one of the safest countries to live in and the environment is clean, healthy and rich in natural beauty. Czechia has also an excellent social security system, very affordable and quality health system and a top-level research. Is the Czech Republic the right choice for you? Find out, whether the Czech life style and pace will suite you.


What benefits can you look forward to?

Employees have an opportunity to attend free language courses right at the BC – Czech for foreigners, English for Czechs. They can take part in mentoring programmes (as a mentor or a mentee). They may have subsidized lunches at the BC’s canteen, meaning that part of the lunch price is covered by the Social Fund which offers also other benefits. Czech Labour Code guarantees a minimum of 4 weeks of vacation per year, but at the BC employees are entitled to another one week, i.e. 5 weeks of paid holiday in total. BC employees also have an opportunity to take advantage of concessionary mobile tariff at our contractual operator and concessionary banking services at our contractual bank.


How do we treat unsolicited job applications?

We are very pleased at an interest of applicants sending us their CVs with a request for a job opportunity. However, we believe that “suitability” for certain job lies in meeting necessary requirements as well as in candidate’s personal motivation and vision. Therefore, we recommend that every candidate screens our portfolio and evaluates themself, if any of the posted job offers is interesting. Also, because of the GDPR, we are not allowed to keep any CVs and other documents with personal data, unless they have been sent as a part of application for any of advertised job offers.

All the vacancies at our institution, incl. their descriptions, requirements and other information, may be found at In case any of the job offer catches your eye, do not hesitate to apply for it via its reply form.


What can you expect after sending an application for a vacancy?

After you send a form with your reply to a specific vacancy, your application is saved in our program and you receive an e-mail with confirmation that you have been included in the selection procedure. Every applicant will be informed with the progress of the selection procedure. However, the time between you sending the application and our reaction may last even several weeks due to often long period of the job advertisement itself (i.e. collection of applications) and subsequent evaluation and selection of applicants. Please be patient, you will get an answer.

Selection procedure for every vacant research position at our institutes is held in accordance with principles of Open, Transparent, Merit-based Recruitment of Researchers (OTM-R). Find out more.

During selection procedures for non-research positions, just as in case of researches' selection, we deny any discrimination (sex, age, race, social status and conditions etc.) and we proceed transparently.


Do you want to know more about the Czech Republic?

If you are planning to move in the Czech Republic and need some basic info about local conditions (or are you simply curious :-)), download our BC Expat's Guidebook (below). The guidebook includes topics such as Immigration necessities, Czech people and habits, Research funding, Living in České Budějovice and more.



Biology Centre CAS
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+420 778 468 552 (for media)

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