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Linux Command Line – mandatory part of Introduction to Bioinformatics



Introduction to Bioinformatics


7.4. – 8.4.

demo BD FACSymphony A1



program R



Academic writing



Academic career



program R






Intercultural communication



Work-life balance




Description of trainings:

Linux Command Line

Mandatory part of the Introduction to Bioinformatics training.

Learning, how to work with command line

Lecturer: Dr. Abdoallah Sharaf


Introducton to Bioinformatics

· Quick introduction to NGS data and NGS data formats

· Standard commands in the Terminal to process NGS data – brief overview

· Visualization of the quality of raw NGS data

· Pre-processing of short-reads FASTA/FASTQ files using various programs

· Read mapping to the reference sequence

· Visualization and evaluation of mapping quality

· Identification and removal of duplicate reads

· Identification of unmapped reads – Blast

Lecturers from the SEQme company


Program R

· introduction to R & RStudio

· basic statistical approach overview: parametric and non-parametric statistical methods, outliers, testing of hypotheses

· two-sample tests


· linear regression

· contingency tables

· survival analysis

· K – means clustering

· Spearman correlation coefficient

Lecturer: RNDr. Václav Čapek, Ph.D.


Akademic writing

· write about your own research

· learn to analyze and critique texts written by others

· produce texts that you need (e.g. an abstract, introduction, discussion/conclusion)

· receive in-depth feedback on the structure, logic, and language of your texts

Lecturer: Mgr. Kamila Etchegoyen Rosolová, Ph.D.


Akademic career

· Reflection on the formal and informal demands of a scientific career

· Key aspects of the evaluation of scientists, what to look for

· Current systems for evaluating scientific performance

· Strategic career planning

· Model dilemmas associated with starting a scientific career

Lecturer: Mgr. Kateřina Cidlinská, Ph.D. a Mgr. Kateřina Machovcová, Ph.D.


More information for the Leadership training, Intercultural communication and Work-life balance will be published after the selection of the supplier.



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