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Medical services are on relatively high level in the Czech Republic and majority of them is fully covered or at least partially subsidised by the health insurance paid from your wage. The health insurance is mandatory but relatively cheap and gives you certainty that you will not end up with expensive bill e.g. in case of urgent hospitalisation.

For general information about medical care in the Czech Republic visit Medical Care on

If you are looking for emergency contacts, see section Important Contacts.

Medical Facilities

Health Centers


How to find a GMP or medical specialist? The health insurance company you are registered with is responsible for providing you with an accessible medical care in terms of time and place. Meaning, the company should help you to find the required medical service in your neighbourhood. Call your health insurance company's infoline for more info. You can also look up the nearest doctor e.g. on Registr lékařů (physician register, in Czech) or simply in online maps. Every physician has limited capacity for the number of registered patients though and it is not unusual that you will get refused by all the physicians in your area. In that case visit the municipal hospital of CB (see above), where you will be helped in emergency cases as well and where you can be sure the staff speaks English.

General medical practitioner („všeobecný praktický lékař“) is the one who you should see first in case you get ill or have any health concern. Depending on the nature of your issue the GMP either solves it or gives you a recommendation to a specialist. If you know right away that your health issue requires medical specialist’s care (dentist, gynecologist, eye doctor etc.), you can find him/her by yourself without any GMP appointment.

When visiting your Czech GMP for the first time, he/she will require the extract from your medical reports (or sometimes the entire medical report) from the GMP you are registered with in your original country. He/she will also need to see your health insurance card (for more info on health insurance in CR check Health Insurance on

The BC has its own occupational medical practitioner MUDr. František Souček. In connection with your employment arrangement, you will be asked to visit him for the initial health examination (bring your medical reports extract and activated insurance card). The initial, periodical and final check-ups are mandatory. MUDr. Souček’s office is located right in the BC building on Branišovská street and he has office hours reserved for the BC employees only. More about the occupational medical examination in section Employees -> Onboarding.



Health Centres (GMPs and specialists in one place):


Few tips on English speaking medical specialists:



Basic types of vaccines are available at the GMP (some of them are mandatory and therefore immediate and free, the unusual ones are often only on demand and paid). For broader offer and more info of vaccination you can visit for example Avenier Vaccination and Travel Medicine next to IGY Centre.

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