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RNDr. Václav Brunnhofer, CSc.

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Institute of Entomology

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Špatenka P., Brunnhofer V., Krumeich J., Blažek J., Šerý M., Endres H., Cook R. (2001) Industrical-scale process control by means of electrostatics probes. Plasmas and Polymers 5: 255-263.
Soldán T., Brunnhofer V., Mašek P. (1999) A capacity method modified for sexing tsetse puparia: preliminary results and prospects. In: Feldmann U. (ed.) Proceedings of the Second FAO/IAEA, Animal Trypanosomosis: Vector and Disease Control Using Nuclear Techniques, November 27 - December 1, 1995, Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania. Abstract p. 129-139.
Špatenka P., Krumeich J., Brunnhofer V., Endres H., Cook R. (1999) A volume-resolved diagnostics of an industrial large-scale plasma polymerization process. In: M. Hrabovský, M. Konrád and V. Kopecký (eds.) Proceedings 14th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, August 2-6, 1999, Prague, Czech Republic. pp. 849-853.
Brunnhofer V., Soldán T. (1998) Book of Abstracts (Proceedings of the VIth European Congress of Entomology. Institute of Entomology, Acad. Sci., I. Sections 1-5, 1-424, II. Sections 6-8, 425-760.
Špatenka P., Brunnhofer V. (1996) A new simple method for suppression of influence of RF plasma oscillations during Langmuir probe measurements. Meas. Sci. Technol. 7: 1065-1067.
Nedvěd O., Hodková M., Brunnhofer V., Hodek I. (1995) Simultaneous measurement of low temperature survival and supercooling in a sample of insects. Cryo-Letters 16: 108-113.
Ceryngier P., Kindlmann P., Havelka J., Dostálková I., Brunnhofer V., Hodek I. (1992) Effect of food, parasitization, photoperiod and temperature on gonads and sexual activity of males of Coccinella septempunctata (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in autumn. Acta ent. bohemoslov. 89: 97-106.
Hodková M., Somme L., Hanzal R., Brunnhofer V., Hodek I. (1992) The effect of allatectomy and photoperiod on the supercooling point in Pyrrhocoris apterus adults. Physiol. Entomol. 17: 165-168.
Brunnhofer V., Nedvěd O., Hodková M. (1991) Methodological improvement for measuring of supercooling point in insects. Acta ent. bohemoslov. 88: 349-350.
Ondráček J., Brunnhofer V. (1988) Devices for dehydration and desinsection of some agricultural products by microwaves. EPS IOBC 22: 38-44.
Ondráček J., Brunnhofer V. (1988) Zařízení pro dehydrataci a desinsekci některých skladovaných produktů pomocí mikrovln. Mlýnsko-pekárenský průmysl 4: 121-123.
Marec F., Ondráček J., Brunnhofer V. (1985) The effect of repeated microwave irradiation on the frequency of sex-linked recessive lethal mutations in Drosophila melanogaster. Mutation Research 157: 163-167.
Ondráček J., Brunnhofer V. (1984) Dielectric properties of insect tissues. Gen. Physiol. Biophys. 3: 251-257.


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