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MyScope™ - An online training tool for microscopy and microanalysis. Tutorials, tests, interactive simulators, includes external links to more resources light microscopy, electron microscopy
MICCAI Society Educational Materials - A set of educational materials (PPTX presentations, summer school talks) on biomedical image analysis techniques image data processing, and analysis
iBiology bioimage analysis course - video courses on bioimage analysis and processing of the data from the microscope image data processing and analysis
Image.SC forum - web forum for users of data processing and analysis software (ImageJ, Fiji, MIB, Illastik, etc.), search information and you can ask directly the software developers.
Microscopy Image Browser - Microscopy image browser is open-source software, that can partially replace the paid image processing software AMIRA. Compatible with both fluorescence as well as electron microscopes, can process data in 3D. Segmentation, Statistics, etc. The tutorials section offers a wide and useful range of youtube tutorials for basic and advanced usage of MIB. (Data processing and analysis)

IMOD - set of image processing, modeling, and display programs used for tomographic reconstruction and for 3D reconstruction of EM serial sections and optical sections.

Pptx tutoriál pro modelování v IMOD
NEUBIAS (Cost action) - currently ending cost action NEUBIAS (a network of European bioimage analyst), links for conferences, materials, and travel support applications image data processing and analysis
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - portal for users of Relion, one of the most used software for single particle analysis in electron microscopy Electron microscopy
Nobel Prize organization - An introduction and brief history of cryo-EM, a method for which Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded in 2017 Electron microscopy
Gatan, Inc. - A short overview of the cryo-EM method, the workflow of the method, an introduction to direct detectors which played a crucial role in achieving atomic resolution Electron microscopy
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Again an overview of the cryo-EM method, link to a description of the newest Thermo Fisher transmission electron microscope for cryoEM Electron microscopy
Jeol Ltd. - Glossary of SEM terms - Aims to assist understanding of the basic technical terms of theories, instrumentation including electron guns, lenses, detectors, chambers, observation and analysis methods, and specimen preparation techniques, for the scanning electron microscope (SEM) field Electron microscopy
Jeol Ltd. - Glossary of TEM terms - Aims to assist understanding of the basic technical terms of Microscopy, Diffractometry and Spectroscopy of the transmission electron microscope (TEM) field Electron microscopy
Thermofisher - Overview of techniques that EM can provide (and what solutions Thermofisher can sell you :)) Electron microscopy
Thermofisher - SBEM - introduction to SBEM (volumescope from Thermofisher) Volume SEM (SBEM)



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