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Kritsky D., Mendoza-Franco E., Scholz T. (2000) Neotropical Monogenoidea. 36. Dactylogyridae from the gills of Rhamdia guatemalensis (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae) from cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, with proposal of Ameloblastella gen. n. and Aphanoblastella gen. n. (Dactylogyridae: Ancyr Comparative Parasitology 67: 76-84.
Mendoza-Franco E., Vidal-Martínez V., Aguirre-Macedo M., Rodríguez-Canul R., Scholz T. (2000) Species of Sciadicleithrum (Dactylogyridae: Ancyrocephalinae) of cichlid fishes from southeastern Mexico and Guatemala: new morphological data and host and geographical records. Comparative Parasitology 67: 85-91.
Pietrock M., Scholz T. (2000) Morphometrics and seasonal occurrence of metacestodes of Neogryporhynchus cheilancristrotus (Cyclophyllidea: Dilepididae) in the blue bream (Abramis ballerus) from the Oder River (Germany/Poland). Folia Parasitologica 47: 181-185.
Scholz T., Salgado-Maldonado G. (2000) The introduction and dispersal of Centrocestus formosanus (Nishigori, 1924) (Digenea: Heterophyidae) in Mexico: a review. American Midland Naturalist 143: 185-200.
Hanzelová V., Scholz T. (1999) Species of Proteocephalus Weinland, 1858 (Cestoda: Proteocephalidae), parasites of coregonid and salmonid fishes from North America: taxonomic reappraisal. Journal of Parasitology 85: 94-101.
DOI: 10.2307/3285708
Hanzelová V., Scholz T., Gerdeaux D., de Chambrier A. (1999) Endoparasitic helminths of fishes in three Alpine lakes in France and Switzerland. Revue Suisse de Zoologie 106: 581-590.
Hanzelová V., Šnábel V., Králová I., Scholz T., D’amelio S. (1999) Genetic and morphological variability in cestodes of the genus Proteocephalus: geographical variation in Proteocephalus percae populations. Canadian Journal of Zoology 77: 1450-1458.
Marcogliese D., Scholz T. (1999) Recent visitations by eels to Sable Island, Canada, confirmed by parasites. Journal of Fish Biology 54: 685-687.
DOI: 10.1006/jfbi.1998.0893
Mendoza-Franco E., Scholz T., Vivas-Rodríguez C., Vargas-Vázquez J. (1999) Monogeneans of freshwater fishes from cenotes (= sinkholes) of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Folia Parasitologica 46: 267-273.
Moravec F., Hanzelová V., Scholz T., Gerdeaux D. (1999) Comephoronema oschmarini (Nematoda: Cystidicolidae), a specific parasite of Lota lota (Pisces), occurs in western Europe. Folia Parasitologica 46: 159-160.
Scholz T. (1999) Life cycles of species of Proteocephalus, parasites of fishes in the Palearctic Region: a review. Journal of Helminthology 73: 1-19.
Scholz T. (1999) Parasites in cultured and feral fish. Veterinary Parasitology 84: 317-335.
DOI: 10.1016/S0304-4017(99)00039-4
Scholz T. (1999) Taxonomic study of Ascocotyle (Phagicola) longa Ransom, 1920 (Digenea: Heterophyidae) and related taxa. Systematic Parasitology 43: 147-158.
DOI: 10.1023/A:1006120500518
Scholz T. (1999) Redescription of Phagicola pithecophagicola Faust, 1920 (Digenea: Heterophyidae), the type species of Phagicola Faust, 1920. Journal of Parasitology 85: 111-114.
DOI: 10.2307/3285712
Scholz T., Aguirre-Macedo M., Salgado-Maldonado G., Vargas-Vázquez J., Vidal-Martínez V., Wolter J., Kuchta R., Körting W. (1999) Redescription of Pseudacanthostomum panamense Caballero, Bravo-Hollis, and Grocott, 1953 (Digenea: Acanthostomidae), a parasite of siluriform fishes of the family Ariidae, with notes on its biology. Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington 66: 146-154.
Scholz T., Hanzelová V. (1999) Species of Proteocephalus Weinland, 1858 (Cestoda: Proteocephalidae) from cyprinid fishes in North America. Journal of Parasitology 85: 150-154.
DOI: 10.2307/3285724
Scholz T., Žďárská Z., de Chambrier A., Drábek R. (1999) Scolex morphology of the cestode Silurotaenia siluri (Batsch, 1786) (Proteocephalidae: Gangesiinae), a parasite of European wels (Silurus glanis). Parasitology Research 85: 1-6.
DOI: 10.1007/s004360050498
Špakulová M., Scholz T. (1999) A chromosome study of the tapeworm Bathybothrium rectangulum (Bloch, 1782) (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea). Parasitology Research 85: 270-273.
DOI: 10.1007/s004360050546
Rego A., de Chambrier A., Hanzelová V., Hoberg T., Scholz T., Weekes P., Zehnder M. (1998) Preliminary phylogenetic analysis of subfamilies of the Proteocephalidea (Eucestoda). Systematic Parasitology 40: 1-19.
DOI: 10.1023/A:1005903506363
Scholz T., Drábek R., Hanzelová V. (1998) Scolex morphology of Proteocephalus tapeworms (Cestoda: Proteocephalidae), parasites of freshwater fish in the Palaearctic Region. Folia Parasitologica 45: 27-43.
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