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Pereira F., Tavares L., Paiva F., Scholz T., Luque J. (2015) A Morphological and Molecular Study of Spectatus spectatus (Kathlaniidae), Including Redescription of the Species and Amendment of Genus Diagnosis Journal of Parasitology 101: 468-475.
DOI: 10.1645/15-764.1
Pereira F., Tavares L., Scholz T., Luque J. (2015) A morphological and molecular study of two species of Raphidascaroides Yamaguti, 1941 (Nematoda: Anisakidae), parasites of doradid catfish (Siluriformes) in South America, including description of R. moraveci n. sp. Systematic Parasitology 91: 49-61.
DOI: 10.1007/s11230-015-9555-2
Poddubnaya L., Kuchta R., Bristow G., Scholz T. (2015) Ultrastructure of the anterior organ and posterior funnel-shaped canal of Gyrocotyle urna Wagener, 1852 (Cestoda: Gyrocotylidea) Folia Parasitologica 62: 027.
DOI: 10.14411/fp.2015.027
Scholz T., Oros M., Choudhury A., Brabec J., Waeschenbach A. (2015) New circumscription of freshwater fish parasites monobothrium diesing, 1863 and promonobothrium mackiewicz, 1968 (cestoda: caryophyllidea) using morphological and molecular evidence Journal of parasitology 101: 29-36.
DOI: 10.1645/14-610.1
Scholz T., Tavakol S., Halajian A., Luus-Powell W. (2015) The invasive fish tapeworm Atractolytocestus huronensis (Cestoda), a parasite of carp, colonises Africa. Parasitology Research 114: 3521-3524.
DOI: 10.1007/s00436-015-4573-1
Vieira F., Pereira F., Pantoja C., Soares I., Pereira A., Timi J., Scholz T., Luque J. (2015) A survey of nematodes of the genus Cucullanus Müller, 1777 (Nematoda, Seuratoidea) parasitic in marine fishes off Brazil, including description of three new species Zootaxa 4039: 289-311.
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4039.2.5
Yoneva A., Scholz T., Bruňanská M., Kuchta R. (2015) Vitellogenesis of diphyllobothriidean cestodes (Platyhelminthes) Comptes Rendus Biologies 338: 169-179.
DOI: 10.1016/j.crvi.2015.01.001
Yoneva A., Scholz T., Molcicki D., Kuchta R. (2015) Ultrastructural study of vitellogenesis of Ligula intestinalis (Diphyllobothriidea) reveals the presence of cytoplasmic-like cell death in cestodes Frontiers in Zoology 12: 35.
DOI: 10.1186/s12983-015-0128-7
Barčák D., Oros M., Hanzelová V., Scholz T. (2014) Phenotypic plasticity in Caryophyllaeus brachycollis Janiszewska, 1953 (Cestoda: Caryophyllidea): does fish host play a role? Systematic parasitology 88: 153-166.
DOI: 10.1007/s11230-014-9495-2
Bazsalovicsova E., Kráľová-Hromadová I., Brabec J., Hanzelová V., Oros M., Scholz T. (2014) Conflict between morphology and molecular data: a case of the genus Caryophyllaeus (Cestoda, Caryophyllidea), monozoic tapeworms of cyprinid fishes Folia Parasitologica 61: 347-354.
DOI: 10.14411/fp.2014.035
Blasco-Costa I., Faltýnková A., Georgieva S., Skírnisson K., Scholz T., Kostadinova A. (2014) Fish pathogens near the Arctic Circle: molecular, morphological and ecological evidence for unexpected diversity of Diplostomum (Digenea: Diplostomidae) in Iceland International Journal for Parasitology 44: 703-7015.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpara.2014.04.009
de Chambrier A., Scholz T., Kuchta R. (2014) Taxonomic status of Woodland's enigmatic tapeworms (Cestoda: Proteocephalidea) from Amazonian catfishes: back to museum collections Systematic Parasitology 87: 1-19.
DOI: 10.1007/s11230-013-9457-0
Faltýnková A., Georgieva S., Kostadinova A., Blasco-Costa I., Scholz T., Skírnisson K. (2014) Diplostomum von Nordmann, 1832 (Digenea: Diplostomidae) in the sub-Arctic: descriptions of the larval stages of six species discovered recently in Iceland Systematic Parasitology 89: 195-213.
DOI: 10.1007/s11230-014-9517-0
Georgieva S., Faltýnková A., Brown R., Blasco-Costa I., Soldánová M., Sitko J., Scholz T., Kostadinova A. (2014) Echinostoma 'revolutum' (Digenea: Echinostomatidae) species complex revisited: species delimitation based on novel molecular and morphological data gathered in Europe Parasites & Vectors 7: 520.
DOI: 10.1186/s13071-014-0520-8
Gibson D., Bray R., Hunt D., Georgiev B., Scholz T., Harris P., Bakke T., Pojmanska T., Niewiadomska K., Kostadinova A., Tkach V., Bain O., Durette-Desset M., Gibbons L., Moravec F., Petter A., Dimitrova Z., Buchmann K., Valtonen E., De Jong Y. (2014) Fauna Europaea: Helminths (Animal Parasitic) Biodiversity Data Journal 2: e1060.
Kuchta R., Esteban J., Brabec J., Scholz T. (2014) Misidentification of Diphyllobothrium Species Related to Global Fish Trade, Europe Emerging Infectious Diseases 20: 1955-1957.
DOI: 10.3201/eid2011.140996
Kuchta R., Pearson R., Scholz T., Ditrich O., Olson P. (2014) Spathebothriidea: survey of species, scolex and egg morphology, and interrelationships of a non-segmented, relictual tapeworm group (Platyhelminthes: Cestoda) Folia Parasitologica 61: 331-346.
DOI: 10.14411/fp.2014.040
Lukeš J., Kuchta R., Scholz T., Pomajbíková K. (2014) (Self-) infections with parasites: re-interpretations for the present Trends in parasitology 30: 377-385.
DOI: 10.1016/

Documents to download:
Lukes et al TIP 2014 (pdf)
Scholz T., Choudhury A. (2014) Parasites of freshwater fishes in north america: why so neglected? Journal of parasitology 100: 26-45.
DOI: 10.1645/13-394.1
Scholz T., Oros M., Bazsalovicsová E., Brabec J., Waeschenbach A., Xi B.W., Aydogdu A., Besprozvannykh V., Shimazu T., Kráľová-Hromadová I., Littlewood D. (2014) Molecular evidence of cryptic diversity in Paracaryophyllaeus (Cestoda: Caryophyllidea), parasites of loaches (Cobitidae) in Eurasia, including description of P. vladkae n. sp. Parasitology international 63: 841-850.
DOI: 10.1016/j.parint.2014.07.015
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