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doc. Mgr. Radka Symonová, Ph.D.

Position Research Scientist
Department of Fish and Zooplankton Ecology (FZE)
Institute of Hydrobiology

Contact details +420 38 777 5893
324 NB


I have been exploring the compositional genome evolution in vertebrates as well as invertebrates trying to disentangle mechanisms that were driving the AT/GC genome heterogeneity in mammals and birds and surprisingly also in some ancient fishes. The AT/GC genome homogeneity particularly in fishes, other lower vertebrates and invertebrates has far reaching implications for studying their genomes. To do so, we have been developing specialized bioinformatics tools in the scripting languages Python and R. I have been using bioinformatics also in analyses of transcriptomes in fish and invertebrates.

2021 Habilition defended at the Faculty of Science of the University of South Bohemia in Budweis, Molecular and cell biology and genetics

2009 Ph.D. at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, in zoology

2005 MSc. at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, in zoology


2022- University of South Bohemia in Budweis, Faculty of Science, Dept.of Informatics, Bioinformatics

2021- Institute of Hydrobiology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Budweis/České Budějovice, Dept. of Fish and Zooplankton Ecology

2019-2021 EU fellowship in the framework of the Horizon 2020 EuroTech Postdoc at the Technical University of Munich (Freising, Germany) and the Technical University of Denmark (Copenhagen)

2017-2019 University of Hradec Králové, Department of Biology, Bioinformatics & Genomics

2015-2017 “Rotationstelle” Research Institute for Limnology, University of Innsbruck, Mondsee, Austria, Head of Research Group Molecular evolutionary ecology

2009-2015 Postdoctoral researcher, Laboratory of Fish Genetics, Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, Liběchov, Czech Academy of Sciences

2008-2014 Researcher, Dept. of Zoology, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University, Prague

2005-2008 EU Marie Curie Research Training Network, FP6-512492, PhD position, Ludwig-Maximillian’s University, Munich, Martinsried, Germany

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Peona V., Martelossi J., Almojil D., Bocharkina J., Brännström I., Brown M., Cang A., Carrasco-Valenzuela T., DeVries J., Doellman M., Elsner D., Espíndola-Hernández P., Montoya G.F., Gaspar B., Zagorski D., Hałakuc P., Ivanovska B., Laumer C., Lehmann R., Boštjančić L.L., Mashoodh R., Mazzoleni S., Mouton A., Nilsson M.A., Pei Y., Potente G., Provataris P., Pardos-Blas J.R., Raut R., Sbaffi T., Schwarz F., Stapley J., Stevens L., Sultana N., Symonová R., Tahami M.S., Urzì A., Yang H., Yusuf A., Pecoraro C., Suh A. (2024) Teaching transposon classification as a means to crowd source the curation of repeat annotation – a tardigrade perspective. Mobile DNA 15: 10.
DOI: 10.1186/s13100-024-00319-8
Matoulek D., Ježek B., Vohnoutová M., Symonová R. (2023) Advances in vertebrate (cyto)genomics shed new light on fish compositional genome evolution. Genes 14: 244.
DOI: 10.3390/genes14020244
Vohnoutová M., Sedláková A., Symonová R. (2023) Abandoning the isochore theory can help explain genome compositional organization in fish. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24: 13167.
DOI: 10.3390/ ijms241713167
Vohnoutová M., Zifčáková L., Symonová R. (2023) Hidden compositional heterogeneity of fish chromosomes in the era of polished genome assemblies. Fishes 8: 185.
DOI: 10.3390/fishes8040185


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