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RNDr. Alena Sucháčková, Ph.D.

Position Research Scientist - Laboratory of Temperate Biodiversity
Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
Institute of Entomology

Contact details +420 387775335


Biogeography, ecology, molecular ecology and conservation of butterflies

I focus on the influence of the Quaternary change in habitats and climate fluctuation on the distribution of Palaearctic butterflies. What was the effect of Quaternary large mammalian fauna on butterflies? How do butterflies survive in disrupted European biotopes? What will happen to the populations in the fragmented landscape?


Curriculum vitae


2013–2019 University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice, Faculty of Science.

Ph.D. in Entomology. Thesis: Factors influencing butterfly communities of the species rich Submediterranean region. [defended 13/6/2019]

2017 University of South Bohemia in CB, Faculty of Science.

RNDr. in Zoology. Thesis: How universal are reserve design rules? A test using butterflies and their life history traits. [defended 2017]

2011–2013 University of South Bohemia in CB, Faculty of Science. Mgr. in Zoology.

2008–2011 University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Faculty of Science. Bc. in Biology.

2000–2008 Gymnázium Otokara Březiny Telč (Grammar school)

Work experience

Since July 2019 Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre CAS – Postdoc

2018–2019 University of South Bohemia in České Budejovice, Faculty of Science – Research assistant

2013–2019 Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre CAS – PhD student

2016 Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre CAS – Technician (Monitoring and conservation of endangered moth fauna in the Czech Republic)

2014–2016 Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre CAS – Technician (Ecophysiology of mountain butterflies across the life cycle)

2013 Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre CAS  – Technician (Phylogeny of the genus Erebia)


University of South Bohemia in CB, Faculty of Science:

Field course of Alpine Zoology (2014-now) – course preparation, organization, teaching

Theses supervising:

Patrik Škopek: Barcoding of Czech Butterflies (ongoing Bachelor´s thesis, supervisor)

Jan Walter: Phylogeny and phylogeography of Everina Lycaenid butterflies (ongoing Master´s thesis, specialist supervisor)

Research experience

Field surveys:

Butterfly mapping (Czech Butterfly and Moth Monitoring, mapping for Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, mapping for Beleco, z. s.)

Mark-recapture study on co-occurring Melitaea species in Podyjí National park (Czech Republic, 2017–2018)

Butterfly communities co-occurring with Euphydryas aurinia on its Western Bohemian localities (Czech Republic, 2015)

Biota co-occurring with Proterebia afra (Greece and Croatia, 2014–2015)

Influence of forest encroachment in the Mediterranean on butterflies and moths (Greece, Bulgaria and North Macedonia, 2012–2013),

Cold hardiness of mountain butterflies (Austria)

Molecular laboratory projects:

Biogeography of butterflies of the mammoth steppe

Czech butterflies DNA barcoding

Phylogeny of selected butterfly taxa

Funding awards

Faculty of Science (054/2015/P); The Exploration Fund Grant (The Explorers club), USA (2015); FAN (B), Germany (2015)


March 2018 Lund University, supervisor: Prof. Dr. N. Wahlberg

Phylogeny and biogeography of closely related Lyceanid butterflies (improvement of molecular laboratory skills, international cooperation)

January 2017 Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut Müncheberg, supervisor: Prof. Dr. T. Schmitt

Phylogeography of steppe butterfly Proterebia afra based on AFLP markers (AFLP laboratory and data processing, phylogeographic data interpretation)

January – February 2016 Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut Müncheberg, supervisor: Prof. Dr. T. Schmitt

Cooperation on the project of M. Geraldes (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal): Population genetics of Cirsium palustre based on AFLP markers (AFLP laboratory and data processing)

Total found: 41 records
Sbaraglia C., Samraoui K.R., Massolo A., Sucháčková Bartoňová A., Konvička M., Faltýnek Fric Z. (2023) Back to the future: Climate change effects on habitat suitability of Parnassius apollo throughout the Quaternary glacial cycles. Insect Conservation and Diversity 16: 231-242.
DOI: 10.1111/icad.12615
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DOI: 10.1111/jbi.14022
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Marešová J., Habel J., Néve G., Sielezniew M., Bartoňová A., Kostro-Ambroziak A., Faltýnek Fric Z. (2019) Cross-continental phylogeography of two Holarctic Nymphalid butterflies, Boloria eunomia and Boloria selene. PLoS ONE 14: article number: 0214483.
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0214483

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